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Divorce and Child Custody Pricing

Contested Cases: 

Full Representation.  Please call for an estimate regarding your particular situation.  For contested family law cases, I generally require an initial retainer.  Depending on the amount of the initial retainer, you may qualify for a discounted hourly rate for up to 8 hours of attorney work time.  The retainer is to be replenished as necessary, billed at my regular hourly rate.  Any unused amounts in the retainer are returned to the client.  Clients are responsible for any additional outside costs such as court filing fees, appraisals, custody evaluations, property transfer fees, document recording fees, etc.  Note that some clients may qualify for "in forma pauperis" status with the court, in which case, they would owe no court filing fee.  

Limited Representation.  If a client needs limited representation, i.e. help preparing a document, help preparing for a court hearing, or help with a single motion, then this representation is priced at a flat-fee amount, determined by the extent of representation required.  Examples of these specific services and their prices are described in the "Limited Representation Options" tab of this website.  

Mediation.  I offer an initial mediation package priced at a $450 flat fee (split between the parties).  This fee covers up to the first 3 hours of mediation, plus the drafting of the Memorandum of Agreement if a settlement is reached.  An hourly rate kicks in after the initial 3 hours.  

Uncontested Cases - Flat-Fee Divorce:

Your life is not a "check-the-box" form and it is helpful to have an attorney draft your settlement paperwork to clearly reflect the intent of your agreement.  I always charge a flat fee if your family law case is uncontested (i.e. you have settled all disputed issues and need assistance with court procedure, drafting documents, and getting your settlement approved by the court - to ensure a smooth process).  For example, if you have an uncontested divorce, I charge a flat fee of $450 for my services.  That flat fee covers attorney-client meetings, legal advice, and drafting the appropriate documents to file with the court.  The fee does not include the mandatory filing fee of $400 charged by the court.  If an uncontested case later becomes contested, we will switch to an hourly retainer agreement - recognizing that you have prepaid for certain attorney work.  

Please call for flat fee rates for other uncontested family law matters.  

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