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"Family Law" encompasses a number of related areas of law, most notably Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, and Spousal Maintenance (Alimony).  For more in-depth information on family law issues, please view "Minnesota Divorce and Custody" - my website dedicated to providing practical information on family law in Minnesota.  

Pricing.  For more information on pricing for my family law services, click here.  

Process.  For information about the basic process of going through a divorce in Minnesota, click here.  

How I Can Help You.  Let me help you navigate the complex divorce process, whether through full representation, document review and preparation, or through legal advice and education.  I can alleviate some of the stress that naturally accompanies family law, divorce, and disputes involving children.  Family law cases can be highly emotional.  An attorney is removed from the stress and turmoil of your situation, and can give you objective and practical advice on how to achieve your goals.  An attorney is familiar with the court system and process - allowing for an honest evaluation of your case and your expectations.  I approach divorce and child custody cases from a common sense perspective.  While I will always zealously advocate for your interests, let's see what we can accomplish through cooperation first, before turning to more aggressive litigation if that becomes necessary.  Every case is unique and I work hard to explore and explain your available options.

I can help you with your family law issues in several ways:

  1. Full Representation.  Full Representation is traditional legal representation in which the attorney represents the client throughout the case from start to finish.  This is often still a preferred method in contested family law matters.  Having an attorney present for all stages of the case is a good way to make sure you are proceeding correctly and making informed decisions, and saving future headaches and costs.
  2. Limited Representation.  Limited representation options are often called "unbundled" options.  Unbundled options allow an attorney to represent a client in a limited, specific capacity, while the client completes the rest of the work in a case.  For example, I can help prepare a client for an upcoming court hearing, draft a document, review client-prepared documents, draft stipulated agreements, etc.  I can then provide the client with a list of how to proceed.  Limited Representation is a great way for a client to get the benefit of legal assistance in a flexible and cost-effective manner.  Check out some of the limited representation options here.
  3. Mediation.  Before proceeding with a contested family law dispute in court, it may be beneficial to first attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation.  Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates an agreement between two parties.  Mediation is a great low-cost option to resolve disputes and find lasting solutions.  I am a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice and would be happy to mediate your family law dispute.  To find out more about my mediation practice,click here.

Family Law Services.  I provide assistance with the following Family Law issues:

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Disclaimer: No case or client-specific information is discussed on this website. The content provided is informational only and should not be construed as legal advice.