Practical Solutions for Your Family's Legal Needs

Limited Representation Options

Good for your wallet.  Good for your peace of mind.

Sometimes a client needs only limited representation, help reviewing a document, help preparing a document, or just advice.  Sometimes a client can’t afford full representation, but still wants the benefit of legal advice.  That's why I offer several limited representation options (often called "Unbundled" services).  These options offer an affordable and flexible solution for you to get the legal help you need from a practicing Minnesota attorney, without having to navigate the court system on your own. 

Below is the current list of limited representation options that I offer.  If you’d like a service that is not on the list, contact me and we can discuss your matter.

General Document Review

Motion Counseling and Coaching

Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE), or Settlement Preparation

Flat-Fee Divorce, Uncontested Divorce

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