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Divorce & Custody Mediation Services

I encourage all my clients that have family law disputes to first consider going through mediation prior to filing anything with the courts.  In fact, most courts will order the parties to attempt mediation before the court will allow the case to proceed.

What is Mediation?  Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates an agreement between two parties.  Conflict in family law situations is natural and normal behavior.  It's a highly emotional time in your life.  Mediation is helpful because an impartial, detached third party can help focus the parties' energy on finding a solution that serves everyone's needs and interests.  Mediators also understand the family law court process and can help parties maintain realistic expectations.

Benefits of Mediation.  Mediation saves parties significant time and money by avoiding costly court motions and trials.  Mediation allows for more flexible solutions to your disputes - solutions that would otherwise not be available in court.  When parties work together through mediation to reach a resolution to their problems, they are more likely to follow through with the resolution.  Most importantly mediation leaves the decision-making in the hands of the parties instead of the court.  You are the person best suited to make decisions for your family, not some judge who has had limited contact with your situation.    

Cost of Mediation.  I offer an initial mediation package at a $450 flat fee, split between the parties.  This fee covers the first 3 hours of mediation plus the drafting of the Memorandum of Agreement if a settlement is reached.  My hourly rate kicks in after the initial 3 hours.  Most family law disputes tend to be resolved within 2 to 8 hours, making mediation much more cost-effective than litigation.

Finalizing Your Agreement. If you reach a settlement through mediation, you then submit your agreement to the court.  The judge will look over your agreement and issue a court order incorporating your agreement, making it official.  If you do mediation prior to filing your motions in the court, this final approval will be the only contact you'll have with the court throughout the process.  

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